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Collect Participants Names and Emails

When you create a new poll, all participants answers are anonymous by default. This means you will not know anything about participants other than their general location based on their IP addresses. If you want to collect personal infos, you must set it up before you launch the poll. Here are two ways to do it.

The newsletter option

In the Advanced Options of the Configuration section, you can tick the option to collect participants names and emails. You check the "Mandatory" option if you do not want any anonymous answers. You can also edit the default message informing participants why you are collecting their personal information.

The newsletter option in the Advanced Options

Here is an example of a quick poll asking participants to opt-in to the newsletter:

Adding a question to your poll

You can also collect participants names and emails by adding additional questions to your poll. In the Questions section of your poll, click the Add Question button and select "Text Box" as the question type. You can also tick the option to make the question mandatory if you need all participants to identify themselves.

Add a question asking for participants emails

And that's it! Keep in mind that the app cannot fetch any infos from respondents Facebook profiles. If you need more personal infos such as birthday, gender or age, then you will have to request these infos in your questionnaire.