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How to Update a Timeline Post with a New Image

Have you ever posted content on your Facebook Page only to realize that you made a typo and hit the "Publish" button a little too fast? It's happened to the best of us and fortunately Facebook will let you edit a post after it's been published. However updating an attachment like your poll's picture and description can be a little bit tricky. But no worries, we'll guide you through this!

Let's say we manage a Page for a Coffee Shop and we posted a poll on our Page Timeline. We didn't customize the Share Image from the Publish section so our post looks like this once it's been published:

Original post
Our post with the default share image

Now we would like to change the default image without having to delete the existing post and create a new one. So we'll go back to the Poll App and navigate to the Publish section to upload a new image.

Publish section
Upload a new picture from the Publish section

Next we need to go back to our Page and click the "Publishing Tools" tab at the top. You might see it abbreviated to "Publish T...". Click on the post you want to update and it will open into a popup.

Publishing tools
Select your post in the Publishing Tools tab

Now in the popup you need to click the "..." menu at the top right corner of the post and select "Refresh share attachment".

Refresh share attachment
Refresh the attachment to update the picture

And that's it! Once you hit the "Save" button, the post on your Timeline will show the updated picture.

Our post now shows the updated picture